No Surgery Lip Enhancement

Full lips are one of the most wanted beauty chattels, as they express youth and vivacity. With the growing age, people tend to lose face volume due to which they have to live with shallow faces. Among all the face parts, lips are more commonly prone to this aging effect that begins to surface in late 40’s. To beat this aging effect, lip enhancement comes into the picture, which refers to a simple procedure of restoring the required volume. Fortunately, this cosmetic procedure now welcomes even those who have thin lips and wish to improve the fullness as well as the shape of their lips. So, are you interested in it? Well, let’s dig out more facts about it!

What are the Types of Lip Enhancement Procedures

Before you know the exact procedure, you need to know the types, as the exact procedure depends on this selection. Medically, three basic types of lip enhancement procedures exist namely, injections, fat transfer, and surgical implants.

No Surgery Lip Enhancement

In the injection approach, the surgeon injects stuff such as collagen or fat into your lips for improving shape and fullness. This approach is the least invasive one, but the outcomes last only for three to four months. The surgeon can also use dermal fillers such as Restylane (low risk of allergic effects), Aquamid (for more long-lasting results), and Perlane (FDA approved, low risk of allergic reaction, and meant for permanent results).

Similarly, even the fat transfer procedure is the least invasive one, but offer long-lasting natural results. In this new technique, the surgeon prefers taking fat from another part of the body and then inserting it into the lips. For the fat removal procedure, the liposuction technique is preferred, as it is the most non-invasive and least painful method. Further, because the implanted fat is taken from your body, it lasts long and offers natural looks.

On the other hand, the surgical implant method involves making small cuts at the corners or within the mouth after which the lip implants are inserted. Overall, this is a long-lasting solution.

What’s the Duration of the Lip Enhancement Procedure

For surgical procedure, 1 to 2 hours are needed. In case of a non-surgical treatment, the duration is 30 minutes.

What are the Side Effects

In case of surgical treatment, you can expect swelling, bruising, stiffness, infection, or allergic reaction due to the implant (quite rare) or the dermal filler having animal content. On the other hand, the non-surgical one might induce soreness, redness, and minor bruising at the injection or implant site. In case of Lipo for transferring body fats to lips, you can expect the non-surgical side effects.

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