Women’s Lip Enhancers

Have you ever watched a television show, flipped through a magazine, or watched a movie and wondered what you would look like if you had a full and perfect pout like many celebrities do? If you have experienced this, you are not alone. Not all of us were born with nice full lips, so it is common for us to look at those that do and envy them. Luckily, there are many women’s lip enhancers on the market that can improve the look of your lips, giving you lusciously full lips.

Lip enhancers are a great natural way to plump your lips without invasive cosmetic surgery methods. Most women’s lip enhancers work in one of two ways. Some of them work by irritating the surface skin on the lips, causing the blood vessels to expand and swell which is what gives you that fuller smile. This is often achieved by using ingredients such as cinnamon, wintergreen, or peppermint. However, some women with sensitive lips may find this too irritating to their lips. While some women may feel a tingle, these women feel a painful burn on their lips and stop using the product for this reason.

Women’s Lip Enhancers

For women with sensitive lips, there is another option in lip plumper’s. Some of these lip enhancement serums work by coating your lips with nutrients and moisturizers that are absorbed into the skin, making your lips fuller. Some of these lip plumper’s also use essential oils which mimic the fatty acids that occur naturally in the body. They can also contain alpha-lipoic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that is also found naturally in the body.

With the growing number of women’s lip enhancers on the market, you no longer have to suffer with thin lips while looking longingly at photos in a magazine. You too can improve the look of your lips, giving you that bee stung look.

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