To most men, the sight of a woman’s full lips made for kissing is enough to make them swoon. To other women, a woman with lips designed with a Cupid’s bow on top and upturned corners is a constant source of envy. Some women were born with them, but others have to go through cosmetic lip enhancement to get those luscious lips. Whatever the method, people should take note of several tip and trivia about adding volume to one’s lips and getting rid of smile lines and wrinkles surrounding them.

What is Lip Augmentation?

The procedure of adding volume and lushness to one’s lips is called lip augmentation. Dermal fillers are injected into the lips just beneath the skin’s surface. Some fillers are pre-mixed with numbing agents and don’t require an application or injection of a local anesthetic. If the patient prefers it, there’s also laughing gas available for convenience.

Lip Enhancement

Lip fillers usually came from naturally-occurring materials. These are clear, biodegradable gels mostly found in joints and bind with water molecules once injected into the skin. Once healed and settled, these plumping agents won’t affect the patient’s day to day activities, such as speaking and eating. For the first few days after treatment, however, the patient may need assistance with sipping liquids and taking in soups and mashed solids instead.

Because the gels were naturally found in the body, these fillers are often absorbed into the skin. And so, dermal fillers for the lips are only temporary solutions. The time it lasts varies between patients, but on average the plump appearance of one’s lips could last anywhere between six and nine months. After that, the patient has to return for another cosmetic lip enhancement session.

Getting Rid of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

As we grow old, we’d likely develop lines on areas where they appear frequently. These areas are the sides of one’s mouth when smiling, crow’s feet at the outer ends of the eyes, and frown lines in the middle of eyebrows. For smile lines, the usual solution is to inject dermal fillers to fill up the folded skin. The same procedure is applied to crow’s feet and frown lines.

However, another set of wrinkles also appear on top of one’s mouth in the area between the nose and top of the lips. These are called smoker’s lines, which are common among nicotine lovers, but also develop even among people who don’t smoke. They’re a natural part of growing old, but these lines can be eliminated through dermal injections of the same filler used to enhance one’s lips. The natural gel also moisturizes the skin folds and don’t cause allergies to patients.

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Have you ever watched a television show, flipped through a magazine, or watched a movie and wondered what you would look like if you had a full and perfect pout like many celebrities do? If you have experienced this, you are not alone. Not all of us were born with nice full lips, so it is common for us to look at those that do and envy them. Luckily, there are many women’s lip enhancers on the market that can improve the look of your lips, giving you lusciously full lips.

Lip enhancers are a great natural way to plump your lips without invasive cosmetic surgery methods. Most women’s lip enhancers work in one of two ways. Some of them work by irritating the surface skin on the lips, causing the blood vessels to expand and swell which is what gives you that fuller smile. This is often achieved by using ingredients such as cinnamon, wintergreen, or peppermint. However, some women with sensitive lips may find this too irritating to their lips. While some women may feel a tingle, these women feel a painful burn on their lips and stop using the product for this reason.

Women’s Lip Enhancers

For women with sensitive lips, there is another option in lip plumper’s. Some of these lip enhancement serums work by coating your lips with nutrients and moisturizers that are absorbed into the skin, making your lips fuller. Some of these lip plumper’s also use essential oils which mimic the fatty acids that occur naturally in the body. They can also contain alpha-lipoic acid, which is a powerful antioxidant that is also found naturally in the body.

With the growing number of women’s lip enhancers on the market, you no longer have to suffer with thin lips while looking longingly at photos in a magazine. You too can improve the look of your lips, giving you that bee stung look.

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If you want to get fuller lips, there are various lip enhancement procedures to consider which will enhance the shape and fullness of lips. Lip augmentation treatments range from the temporary effect of simple lip plumping lipsticks, to lip implant surgery, where the lips are cut and lip implants are inserted. A popular lip enhancing treatment for fuller lips is lip plumping injections, known as dermal fillers. Lip injections such as Restylane can restore lip definition and also remove fine lines around the mouth, and the results will last for around 6 months.

For a temporary result lasting just a few hours for a special occasion, there are creams and lipsticks you can buy which claim to plump up the lips. This gives the lips a fuller, more youthful look. Before considering longer lasting lip enhancements, you should look at some before and after photos of the various treatments. Some women prefer a subtle improvement as they do not want the “trout lips” look which some celebrities have had the misfortune of being ridiculed for in the press.

 Get Fuller Lips with Lip Enhancement

If you require permanent results and are happy to go under the surgeon’s knife, then you could consider lip implants. There are two methods for this, one being where the lips are cut and a synthetic lip implant strip is inserted before the cuts are stitched together. The other is where your own fat is removed from one part of the body and inserted into the lips. However, with fat implants, the treatment may need to be repeated if the body absorbs some of the fat and so reduces the fullness of the lips.

Perhaps the most popular treatment for augmenting the lips is having dermal filler lip injections. This can be painful, and a local anaesthetic is required, which could be in the form of a cream or an injection which numbs the lips, just like the one you have at the dentist. After treatment, you may experience side effects such as bruising, tenderness and swollen lips. The results will give you fuller, more defined lips for around 6 months, after which time the injections may be repeated.

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Full lips are one of the most wanted beauty chattels, as they express youth and vivacity. With the growing age, people tend to lose face volume due to which they have to live with shallow faces. Among all the face parts, lips are more commonly prone to this aging effect that begins to surface in late 40’s. To beat this aging effect, lip enhancement comes into the picture, which refers to a simple procedure of restoring the required volume. Fortunately, this cosmetic procedure now welcomes even those who have thin lips and wish to improve the fullness as well as the shape of their lips. So, are you interested in it? Well, let’s dig out more facts about it!

What are the Types of Lip Enhancement Procedures

Before you know the exact procedure, you need to know the types, as the exact procedure depends on this selection. Medically, three basic types of lip enhancement procedures exist namely, injections, fat transfer, and surgical implants.

No Surgery Lip Enhancement

In the injection approach, the surgeon injects stuff such as collagen or fat into your lips for improving shape and fullness. This approach is the least invasive one, but the outcomes last only for three to four months. The surgeon can also use dermal fillers such as Restylane (low risk of allergic effects), Aquamid (for more long-lasting results), and Perlane (FDA approved, low risk of allergic reaction, and meant for permanent results).

Similarly, even the fat transfer procedure is the least invasive one, but offer long-lasting natural results. In this new technique, the surgeon prefers taking fat from another part of the body and then inserting it into the lips. For the fat removal procedure, the liposuction technique is preferred, as it is the most non-invasive and least painful method. Further, because the implanted fat is taken from your body, it lasts long and offers natural looks.

On the other hand, the surgical implant method involves making small cuts at the corners or within the mouth after which the lip implants are inserted. Overall, this is a long-lasting solution.

What’s the Duration of the Lip Enhancement Procedure

For surgical procedure, 1 to 2 hours are needed. In case of a non-surgical treatment, the duration is 30 minutes.

What are the Side Effects

In case of surgical treatment, you can expect swelling, bruising, stiffness, infection, or allergic reaction due to the implant (quite rare) or the dermal filler having animal content. On the other hand, the non-surgical one might induce soreness, redness, and minor bruising at the injection or implant site. In case of Lipo for transferring body fats to lips, you can expect the non-surgical side effects.

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Lip enhancement with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane is truly just as powerful as the improvement of smile lines.  It has gained popularity because of the very predictable results, long term safety, and natural look when performed by an experienced Plastic Surgeon.  The goal is to achieve an aesthetically pleasing lip, establish facial harmony, and fulfill personal desires.

Abnormal “duck lips” result from a disregard or complete ignorance of lip anatomy.  Even “overfilled” lips should take on a normal shape when attention is paid to the subunits.  An attractive upper lip has a very distinct and prominent white roll, tubercle, Cupid’s bow, and a pair of columns.  The white roll is separate from the skin of lip, peaks at Cupid’s bow, and tapers towards the corners of the mouth.  Cupid’s bow is found at the center and is the double curve that resembles the bow of Cupid, the Roman god of erotic love.  Above the upper lip and at the center are the two philtral columns.

 Lip Enhancement Pros and ConsThey originate from where the white roll hits the peaks of the Cupid’s bow and connect the lip to the nose in a smooth concave fashion.  The red portion of the lip is called the vermilion and has a distinct tubercle in the center under Cupid’s bow.  The tubercle is the lowest portion of the upper lip.  The lower lip has a rim similar to the upper lip white roll but is less distinct.  The lower lip complements the upper lip but with opposite structures.  There is a central depression with a tubercle on each side. These obliquely oriented tubercles help make the central pout.  Lastly, the youthful lower lip has more red vermilion show than the upper lip.

The importance of knowing the anatomy and attention to detail is crucial to an excellent natural outcome.  With this knowledge and the tools of experience, a lip augmentation can be performed at any adult age.  With advancing age, the lips lose fullness, invert, deflate, and the upper and lower lips usually become similar in size.  Previously full youthful lips are the best candidates while patients who never had attractive full lips present a bigger challenge.  The amount of filler required to meet the goal range from one to four syringes.  The average is closer to two syringes and it may require more than one session to reach the final aesthetic result.

The recent addition of local anesthetic to the hyaluronic acid fillers has resulted in a very tolerable lip augmentation experience.  In my hands, there is no need for dental nerve blocks or even direct injection prior to placement of the filler.  It is just as effective and easier on the patient to pretreat with ice packs and topical anesthetic.  The procedure takes about thirty minutes and the results are instantaneous.  Typically there is some mild to moderate initial swelling that usually resolves in 24-72 hours.  Bruising is variable, but rarely significant.  Once complete, the augmentation will last for approximately six to twelve months.  At that point, it is common to return for an enhancement to reestablish that refreshed and youthful appearance.

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